Guest comments

Excellent place, I felt home as I came for the 2 time here during my trip, Thank you.
Floral, Switzerland.

Very nice place and beautiful Hotel, we had a great pleasure to sleep here, Thank you.
Thomas + Elizabeth, Switzerland

Nice room, good curtains with is inportant if its not getting dark, second time the same room ( he remembered us ) The restaurant Duus is wery good. fish meals are great there. Ask at the reception.
Nico + Ági The Netherlands

Great room, very clean, feels like home. Breakfast was also good. We loved the time we spent ( 24 hrs ) in Iceland – hope to come back again to stay longer + explore more. Thanks
Bo + Pam Minnesota USA.

Very nice start for our first stay in Iceland, we enjoyed it, breakfast was fine.
Ruud + Eva + Nick Germany.

We hafe stayed at 2 other locations and this one is the best of the 3
Caroline, Peter, + Charlotte, Harrow, England

This is a nice place to stay we slept perfectly and enjoyed a very good breakfast, thank you very much for your care.
Jansen, Mosen, + Juo, Alkm our cheese town The Netherland

We spent the first night on Iceland in this perfect Hotel, good bed, clean, good breakfast, hope the other Hotels will be like this.
Tommy and van Bvl Pqinader Nerherlands.

Excellent Library ! Could hafe stayed longer just to read the books, Icealnd spectacular country with people invaluable helpful, glad we came.
John and Heather, Vancouver Canada.

Ewerything wonderful – the breakfast was great.
Christine + Jörg, Oerlinghausen Germany.

A very beautiful Hotel with love for detail ( rooms, library, breakfast, interior etc ) Thank you werry much
Matthias Germany.

After our first night at 2th July, we come back after our round – Island – trip for 4 nights we had a nice time on this special place, all the best for Hotel Vogar and Vogar
Brigitte und Walter, Austria.

Gorgeous room, this was our last night in Iceland and we are glad that it was here.
Yvan + Annie Camille Montréal Canada.

Vogar seems to be a good place to start our tour around Iceland, the room is comfortable, it was good place for an hour of jogging around after a 3 hour flight to Iceland.
Rolf + Angelica

Vogar was very friendly ewen in the awful weather ! It is a perfect location if you want to visit the blue lagoon, we found the rooms fantastic
Mr + Mrs Yorke on Honeymoon, last day

An Excellent place to stay for our last day of our holiday, beautiful and comfortable , delicious breakfast, Iceland is amazing beautiful, we hope to come back and have Hotel Vogar on our returne list, regards
Brit eu Karel, Deckers – Beckers from Belgium

So sad to be going home, Icealnd has been wonderful, Hotel Vogar has been a great place to end a wonderful trip. would recommend Hotel Vogar and will use it again for futhure trips.
John and Linda Lee, UK.

If was a good place to start our honeymoon here, although the weather was cold and rainy we enjoyed it. it is a nice room and a good breakfast to start for the second day.
Andrea und Markus Roth Germany.

Very comfortable, good location, dinner at Duus was wonderful, Iceland is beautiful, will explore this area before our flight back to Connecticut
Janet Becidivi USA.

Now we are the third time in Iceland – third stop in Hotel Vogar to start our holidays – breakfast was perfect again.
Christ and Joerg Germany

Our first ´tast´ of Iceland what a nice place this Hotel, when you are tired like we were, its the first food across the street, excellent
Sverna + Pays Bos

Extremely comfortable, clean and relaxing Hotel, remember us the lovely American Motels with friendly staff. Very welcome way to start our tour of wonderful Iceland.
Georg Steines, Austria.

We had a pleacent stay, great room, good breakfast, Thank you.
Alex + Floriane , Germany.

Great to stay in this nice hotel, we had a good night sleep and lovely breakfast, Thanks
Jeroen + Carla, Holland.

Very tastefully furnitrue, good value accommodation
Tom + Gabrielle Kapitany Australia.

Nice and quiet place, perfect for a relaxing night after a late flight, the shower was great, Thanks.
Kirstin and Axel Germany

This was the best place for our last night in Island, Thank you for all
Susan and Sebastian Germany

Very nice and comfortable Hotel, nice atmosphere in breakfast room, delicious breakfast, Thank you.
Elena + Markus Germany

Thank you for this nice room and a comfortable place a great surprise or the last night before flying home
Lukas L Germany.

Our 7th time in Iceland, Hotel Vogar is always the most convenient place to stay when we arrive or leave and for all the places to see on beautifule Reykjanes.
Grogie Molti Evito Raul, Italy.

Our third stay in Iceland ends here now – we hop we will come back again soon.
Jörg + Crist Germany

First night in Iceland, and it was a great start of our holiday, nice room and shower, we hope all of the rooms are like this
Martin + Corine Netherlands

Thanks for your great hospitality. The room was clean and the King size bed was wonderful, great value and we will recommend Hotel Vogar to our friends, well done Thanks
Paul + Mardyn Eddison , BC Canada

Nice room we felt werry welcome here, we hope we will returne here.
Gregor P W

Best price, value, relation, on the whole trip, very nice to start and to end an Iceland tour, good luck for the futhure.
Michaela + Rupoedt. Lissabon, Portugal.

Thank you for the accommodation, High quality with clean and friendly rooms, we will recomend you.
Horst + Stefanie W, Germany.

Wery nice Clean and comfortable accomadations, alls wery handy to the airport, reasonably priced and pleasant serwice, we will happily recommend.
Lynn + Dave, Main USA.

We really appreciate the friendly staff and the clean and comfortable rooms. thanks for the werry early breakfast
The Lócles , Family

Hotel Vogar rises high expectation, best bed since last 10 days and the Hotel friendly staff
Nicole + Vincent Germany

Our last night in Iceland, after a wonderful holiday – to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Eweryone has been wery friendly and we want to come back, Your Hotel is smashing, Thank you.
Mike + Gill, Portsmouth England

Thank you for the comfortable peaceful place to stay, close to the airport, we enjoyid our visit to your special country Iceland
Ruth +Steven Rich, Albany NY

In our holidy this was the best Hotel we sleept, Island so nice so we must come back
Stefanie + Jochen Bidefeld

Thank youfor your kindness and hospitality. the excelent room and quiet location were most appreciated. A great way to end an incredible Iceland adventure, Best wishes.
Linda Prosperie, Austin, TX USA

Our first and last night of holiday in this nice and friendly Hotel Vogar, It was a really nice contact, thank you for the very early breakfast at 5.00 a´clock. Takk fyrir
E. C.

A very comfortable end to our visit to Iceland, see you again one day
The King family, Peterborough England.

It´s a pleasure to return to this cosy warm clean frendly Hotel after a long day sightseeing .
Patricia, London, U.K.

No complaints, Everything perfect, especially the breakfast buffet
Kirsten + Jeroen The Netherlands.

Exellent ! Definiely the place to start getting used to Icelandic frendliness and hospitality, will recommend to anyone.
Family Hemsley, Sunderland U.K.

Very comfortable – clean, ewery thing you could ask for
The Nobles, Kendal U.K.

Nice + Clean room, good shower, nice friendly staff, convenient to the airport, great breakfast buffet, one of the best places we have stayed in Iceland.
Kim + Kelly, Arizona, USA.

Our first night in Iceland ! unfortunately we spent only one night here in the lovely Hotel, Thanks for all
Steffi + Alex, Munchen, Germany.

A great start to our first visit to Iceland, good sleep, followed by an excellent breakfast, Thank you.
Martin, Stefanie, Toronto Canada.

Nice good room friendly staff and great breakfast buffet, its a good place for the last night in Iceland
Ruedi + Brigitte, Switzerland.

Everything one could ask for in a last nights accomodation, Thank you.
Maggie + Peter Andrews, Berkshire England.

One of the most beautiful place in Iceland for our last two nights in Iceland, Thanks
Monica + Alan Girometta, Piacenza Italy.

If was a perfect start of our honymoon, Thank you wery much.
Marco en Marina Netherlands

Great first stop on our trip through Iceland, fine room, healthy breakfast, good atmosphere and nice people.
Vickere + Tineke, Netherlands

Our secound trip in Iceland and our secound visit to Hotel Vogar, nice quiet room and shower and great breakfast, we hope visit you in our next rhird trip,
Luis + Aules, Barcelona.

This is our first night in Island and it was a very nice welcome. Very sweet room and a wonderful view in the landscape.
Thanks from Berlín Ulrike + Volker on honeymoon.

Thanks so much for your hopitality in this very comfortable and welcoming Hotel, we stayed here for two ntghts ot the beginning and one night at the end of a wonderful holiday in Iceland we hope to return Thanks.
Elanie + David, Worcester, England.

What a wonderful place ! great value for the money, staff are friendly and helpful, wish I could stay longer.
Stephen King, Philadelphia PA USA.

We had a wonderful stay, we had a good nights sleep, loved the shower
Sara + Joe USA.

Your gracious hospitality was wonderful, thank you for giving us a place that did feel like home away from home. we lock forward to another visit some day, and will certainly send friende and relatives your way. Thanks for everything
Martha + Ted Hartmann, Golden Valley, CA, USA.

We agree with the other tourists Hotel Vogar is our first and our latest hotel in Island but it´s the best for quality and price. Thank you
Christine + Patrick, France

The Hotel was surprisingly comfortable and set in a very nice area, we had a great stay in Iceland, Thanks for making our last night in Iceland comfortable and relaxing.
Jacqueline + Manuel, London, U.K.

Had a wonderful time in Iceland, It is a truly unique experience to visit here, the people are so friendly. we love Hotel Vogar and will be passing it´s name on to family and friends. we will be back. many thanks
Scott and Britt Nalley, Washington D:C., USA.

Thank you for a comfortable stay for our first night in Iceland, we are now looking forward to discovery your beautiful country.
Alison + Colin, East Yorkshire UK.

Our trip started in room no 3 and ends in room no 3. There is normaly no reason to leave this place for to have good holidays, but the many highlights of Island takes us arround much places in short time, We come back if it is possible. the room was very comfortable and the bathr was clean
Christine + Gert, Berlín. Germany.

We´re happy to find Hotel Vogar for our first night in Island, very quiet and clean room with a real bathroom good breakfast too, Many Thanks
Carolitie + Thierry, France.

Thank you for your help and excellint accommodation from 6th – 9th June and again on the 25th June, we were so pleased to find such a good base to familiarize ourselwes wiitt Island again, Thanks werry much.
Derek + Margaret Wells. South Wales, UK

We made a complete circle on the ring road no 1 and found this room ( no 8 ) to be the best lodging we have stayed in, Thanks
Brian + Earl Hamilton

Great bed in a great room with a great bathroom, nice breakfast, nice price, It is just great, Thank you
Benjamin and Georg Thierbach, Germany

At last a good hotel in Iceland !!! very clean, all is good, Thank you, after 15 days in your beautifule country
Catherine + Eric in wedding trip

Nice warm relaxing clean room, Thank you werry much
Mann + Andrea, Lancashire, England.

Glad we found this Hotel, it´s an excellent place to base for exploring this area
Greg + Cathy, Florida.

One of the best Hotel I hafe had the plesure of staying in, nice and clean, good bed ect A +.
Eco Homerund, Netherlands

We are looking forward to come back after our trip.
Barbare + Sarah, Germany.

This was our first and last nght of a wonderful 11 days in Iceland, Wonderfule vacation and a very good point to start and finish it here.
Andersen + Sarah.

Its a very nice, a very good Hotel.
Carlos, Carmen, Carlos, Spain

This Hotel was a pleasent surprising find.wery clean, quiet, we also appreciated the TV to catch up on the world news, we wish you great success.
Robert + Evelyng Wild, Carrot Creek, Alberta, Canada.

The room was so comfortable we arranged our day to be back here at night.
Robert + Evelyng Wild, Carrot Creek, Alberta, Canada

Beds wonderfully comfortable, very nice room, well presented, Spaciour and clean, shower brillant, nice environment, great breakfast, The best Hotel I´ve stayed in

My wife with me travelled to eastern – europe for 13 days, on the trip all the Hotels are not as good as this Hotel, even in London, very clean, very good service, good Hotel for first day in Iceland
Tony Churj HKG.

Great room, comfy beds, good sleep, scrummy food in café across the road, we´ll be back.
K, K, Poole, Scotland

The beginning of our Iceland tour was wery promising, we enjoyed our fitst night in you Hotel, the excellent breakfast and last not last the swimming in the Blue Lagoon in the evening, Thanks
Angelika + Alex, Germany.

First night in Iceland, lovely room and service, a gorgeous breafast, nice start.
Matteo ( Bologna ) + Sandro ( Pistoia ) Italy.

Takker for fint opphold, king size seng og flott rum, beste frokost var her.
Sigrun + Roy Olsen, Sörumsand, Norge.

Wonderfule place to stay, easy access to Blue Lagoon, Keflavík, Reykjavík, wonderful breakfast we will be back,
16 – 21 July Jon + Laura Allefsen, Minnesota, USA.

We´re back, it felt good to be ´´home´´ here, we wish you all the best, you have a nice business here and we appreciate all you did to make us so comfortable.
24 – 26 July Jon + Laura Allefsen, Minnesota, USA.

Thank you for good sleep in nice and clean room. also thank you for delicious breafast that gives energy for more than half day.
Family Henriksson, Finnland.

We spent a quiet night with a wonderful breakfast here, perfect for the last night in Iceland, thank you
Thomas + Martina, Switzerland.

The last Hotel of our holiday in Iceland was the best one, thank you for midnight service for check in, very comfortable room and perfect breakfast.
Natalie + Alexandra + Michael.

We were wery impressed by Hotel Vogar the rooms was really comfortable and the service was first class. Thank you so much for the great service, we will definitely come back and recommend the Hotel to our friends, best wishes
Gail, Scotland, Micael, USA.

Thank you for a most enjoyable stay in your lovely Hotel, we recommend heartly your Hotel.
Dr. Herbert and Dora M Stalder, Kollbrunn, Switzerland.

A super comfortable Hotel to end our stay in Iceland.
Short + Phil Foster, England

Our first night in Iceland for the third time at Hotel Vogar, a very comfortavble and quiet place to stay with very friendly people running the Hotel, this place is highly recommended.
Renate + B, Germany

A pleasant and nice Hotel with all the comfort needed, Highly recommendable
Ann Christine + Sören Carlsen, Copenhagen, Danmark.

If the rest of Iceland is as friendly, pleasant,comfortable and clean as here then we hafe a real treat ahead of us, Thank you.
Ian + Karen, Durham, U.K.

We´re back here again for the last night, great holiday, great country, this is the nicest, cleanest place we´ve stayed in with a very relaxing atmosphere, Thank you
Ian + Karen, Durham, U.K.

A perfect place to stay upon arrival or departure. it in our second time to stay here and we might come back, Best regards
Marit og Tore Búsengdal, Ytri Erebakk, Norway.

A real good place, what a pity that it was only for one night, the Duus house is a good address for fish food and others.
K: P. Götze, Germany.

Defenitily the best Hotel we stayed in, would like to come again.
Jon + Darry Wintour

We spent our first night here and it´s great, nice Hotel clean rooms and great breakfast, hope al the Hotels on our journey are like this, Thaks and we come back again.
Rob + Christel Klodienbrink, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This is our last night in Iceland and we wouldn´t like to leave, Hotel Vogar was the nicest place where we stayed overnight, next time we´ll spend more time here, Thank you and best wishes
Jankko T + Anna Hakkinen

We drove the entire ring rood and like the location close to the airport since we leave early, love the double bed + love the large shower
Joan Sorenson, Springfield. + Keith Cunningham Illinois, USA.

First two nights on the Island clean and frendly all you could ask for, Breakfast – great, Best wishes
Jon K , London, U.K.

This is our second visit to Iceland, we loved again the beautiful country and its lovely people, last two nights we stayed again at Hotel Vogar same as last time, so we cean see Reykjavík and the Blue Lagoon again Hotel Vogar is the Best, comfortable, clean, and friendly atmosphere, Thank you for a wonderful time.
Steve + Maria Andrews, Minnesota, USA.