Field tour 2 – Osar and other interesting sites

Field tour 2 goes through to the Osar nature reserve. This is a small bay with coastline, beaches and shallow waters. The area is listed as a site of special interest because of the rich and diverse sea-bottom fauna and different types of beaches and rich birdlife, especially in wintertime. On average 100-200 seals are found in the bay.

The route continues through the small old fishing village of Hafnir to the lighthouse at the tip of the Reykjanes Peninsula. A variety of natural phenomena is found on this part of the route, such as geological formations, volcanic craters, extensive sand deserts, high-temperature geothermal areas which were used for the production of natural sea salt, a rich bird life, bird cliffs, an inland lagoon and beautiful scenery at the site of the lighthouse.

The road follows the shoreline eastward to the modern fishing village of Grindavik. From there the route goes to the health center, the Blue Lagoon, where the use of the unique properties of geothermal water is demonstrated. The next stop is at a trout lake, Lake Seltjorn and a recreational area with a tree plantation which shows the conditions for reforestation on Sudurnes. Finally, an extensive vegetation restoration area at Vogastapi is visited.

Field tour 2 - Osar and other interesting sites

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